About Me

I love words. The power of the written word has not diminished even in this heavily visual, digital age.  The tendency of audiences to gloss over words in favor of visuals makes harnessing that power more challenging, but that challenge is what drives me to improve and evolve as a wordsmith.


Researching topics, even those I feel I am pretty knowledgeable about, always teaches me something new. I keep my gray matter buzzing by discovering new sites and new perspectives.


Writing engaging and informative copy doesn’t seem like work. It’s more like a puzzle, and when all of the pieces are finally together -- punchy words, proper punctuation, and grammar -- it reveals a beautiful picture.  That is how I like to spend my time.

After years in New York City, I recently moved to the great state of Maine. I'm excited to be writing about and listening to new music for an upcoming podcast, playMYmusic.FM.  I'm also a contributing writer for  Huckleberry Travel and work on projects for iHeart Media on a freelance basis.


I recently started creating Websites again, both for myself and small businesses.


-- Kristine England