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Blue Note Records has introduced many different CD and LP series over the last few years. How can you tell the difference between the Jazz Profile Series and the Cover Series? Where can you find a complete listing of the Connoisseurs or Rare Grooves?  What are the newest series?   In order to make life a little easier, the answers to the above questions can now be found HERE.


The Connoisseur's Series was created for the die-hard jazz aficionado who wants to hear a particular recording that most of his friends have never heard of. Some of the greatest music in the vaults falls into this lonesome category, so Blue Note decided to get it out to the public. All of the Connoisseur CDs are remastered using 20-bit technology and are strictly Limited Edition. Once they're gone...


The Rare Groove Series uncovers the funky side of jazz. We all have heard sampling done by many rap artists and have maybe wondered where these samples come from. Much of the time, the answer is the Blue Note vaults, of course. Click here to discover the soulful, the funky, the rarest of rare grooves from Blue Note Records. All titles are issued on CD and LP, for you vinyl freaks out there.


For newcomers to our site and the genre, The Jazz Profiles Series will get you started. Not simply a "greatest hits" collection, the Profiles provide a roadmap to an artist's career and best recordings for our label.


West Coast Classics is a new series that celebrates the accomplishments of the California cool jazz style at its zenith. Just as the recordings that Alfred Lion produced for Blue Note typified the best of hard bop, Richard Bock's Pacific Jazz sessions represented the west coast jazz at its finest. Most of this material is on Compact Disc for the first time and each one is mastered in 20-bit Super Bit Mapping with additional bonus materials.


The idea behind The Covers Series was to take current Blue Note artists and have them reinterpret music from pop music masters. The results have been compelling, to say the least. Check it out!


The Performance Series is devoted to showcasing rare or historic concerts and club dates by legendary jazz artists.


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