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The Best of Carlos Gardel


The French-born Carlos Gardel was Argentina's -- and the world's -- most renowned tango vocalist. In 1925 the urbane singer with the movie star good looks returned to Paris and launched the international tango craze. This collection features 20 of his most popular songs, remastered from 78s at Abbey Road Studios.


Chief Ebeneezer Obey


Juju JubilationOver 30 years after he almost singlehandedly created modern juju music, Chief Ebeneezer Obey is still one of the biggest selling juju artists in native Nigeria, with dozens of gold and platinum albums to his credit. The bulk of the selections on this collection have been culled from the mid-70s when Obey was combining modern instrumentation with traditional yoruba styles of drumming and singing. Many of these classic tracks from the grandmaster of juju have not been available outside of Nigeria.


The Legendary Fairuz


The Beirut-born Fairuz is one of the most popular singers in the Arab world. Her collaborations with the Rahbani Brothers presented a wholly unique and innovative blend of traditional Arab instrumentation with modern European orchestration and were the perfect complement to Fairuz's mastery of Arabic and Western singing styles.


Elis Regina


Elis Regina is considered one of the most important interpreters of Brazilian music. Her impeccable taste in repertoire led to the discovery of countless composers from Milton Nascimento, Joao Bosco, Ivan Lins, Renato Texeria and countless others, including singer/composer Joyce, who has called her "a genius, the great Brazilian singer of all time."Brazil NowA fresh look at new sounds from Brazil, this compilation features some of the country's biggest names -- from Carlinhos Brown, Maria Bethania and Caetano Veloso to Milton Nascimento, Djavan and Gilberto Gil. This collection is a must-have for any Brazilian music aficionado.