Boost Your Productivity with 5 Free Apps

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Hours app

Productivity apps and add-ons can make your projects easier to manage. When you’re on the go, these apps are also accessible by mobile devices so you can stay connected with your team. This list is designed to help you write better, communicate more effectively, and keep you organized so you can excel. Keep your team in sync with these free apps -- perfect for teams and small businesses.

Google Suite

Google’s suite of applications let you create and store files on your Drive, accessible through any Web browser. Files can be organized by folder. Files within a folder can be moved and shared. When sharing, you can limit permissions for other members to view only or allow others to edit and comment. Each user can create documents, spreadsheets, slides, forums, drawings, maps and sites. There are many extensions that can be used with Google calendar, Gmail and other products, most of which are free. Google Suite is available to anyone with a Google account. Storage starts at 15 GB with free accounts, and upgrades are available from 20GB for $.99/month to 10 TB at $99.00/month.


Grammarly is a browser extension that can check your writing and offer suggestions to improve it. It will also find errors that word processing apps can miss. Grammarly offers both a free and premium version to help you ensure you’re sending error-free correspondence, documents, and pitches. The one drawback is that Grammarly does not currently support Google docs (though it does work with Gmail), but there are many other places you can edit your text: a browser extension, add-ons for MS Office and Outlook (Windows only), a desktop app, and the editor at Grammarly is free, but premium features are available with an upgrade that show critical errors, explanations as to why word usage is problematic, and as always, solutions. Most writers will get by with the free version, but anyone who experiences challenges in this area will find the premium version valuable.


A handy messaging device, Slack lets you create specific channels for different collaborators and work streams. You can access your workspaces via your browser, a stand-alone app you can download to your hard drive or through your mobile device. Team members can use any channel to which they are invited by the creator of the channel, to post and answer messages, initiate calls or video chats to individuals or the entire team.


Many timesheet systems can be expensive and cumbersome. If you want a more user-friendly way to track the time you and your team spend on different tasks, Hours makes it simple. Keep track on your iPhone or desktop, run reports about your whole team’s time utilization, and more. Hours is free for a single user, but you can upgrade for as little as $8.00/month per team member.


Jot down an idea, make a list, send a team member instructions, and more. Simplenote lets you share, tag, sync and search your notes. You can even go back in time with an easy to use slider bar in case you made a change you regret.